Who receives the NYS Stock Guide Magazine?

We use the institutional Investor top 1,000 guide as a reference point. Over the course of the last thirty years we have interfaced and met with many of the top 1,000.We have attended investment conferences that serve the state level. We also interface with corporate world and many Taft-Hartley organizations.

Our list is private at the request of each organization that receives our publication. Our distribution is 300 institutions and 200 investment companies.

Reach & Frequency

  • The Stock Guide Magazine includes snapshot profiles of public companies. The company profile gives basic company data and includes a brief history of their existence.

  • We identify what investment sector they are in and where they are in that sector. The company snapshot is an effective desktop companion to the internet.

  • Also included in the publication are a selected number of companies with fascinating stories to tell. The companies we select tell their story in a user-friendly literate style. The selected companies may discuss future growth and issues applicable to their industry.

  • The NYS Stock Guide includes a list of all listed stocks that are domiciled in New York State. With Wall St. based in New York City, serving as the epicenter for world investment, the stories that are related are cutting edge. Both the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ are headquartered in New York State.

  • The NYS Stock Guide also publishes a comprehensive list of all public companies that are headquartered in New York State.


Welcome to the new york state stock stock guide

     In every region of New York State, there are public companies new and old, small cap, mid cap and large cap stocks. This annual publication will focus on a different selection of these companies each issue. There may be some repetition but for the most part you will be introduced to companies you might not have realized call the Empire State home. Each issue will contain 50 company-profiles that give basic data supplied by each company. Sometimes trying to find the basic data compiled in a one page format is not as easy as you think. This guide is meant to serve as a desktop reference magazine, a companion to the internet.

     Each issue will also contain some useful lists, that provide stock symbols, breakouts by cities and by industry group. In each issue, we will select a few companies and provide interesting reading about each company. If you would like to have your company's profile in an upcoming edition, please call (518) 877-5170 or email us at jaryla@aol.com.